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Young Thug reveals how he did it on Kanye West’s ‘DONDA’ album

Apart from smashing the windows of a Rolls Royce, Young Thug is most notable in the industry for its unique fashion and popular sound. The modern dressing table is preparing to release its latest studio album, PUNK, is expected to drop on October 15. Before his next album, Thugger sat down with Complex to discuss some cool points you have about the industry and more.

A few months ago, artists like Soulja Boy and Chris Brown were upset after hearing that their verses were removed from Kanye West’s long-awaited album. WHERE. In this interview, Thugga shared how he stayed on West’s album after being asked if the Chicago rapper tried to make him rap in the gospel direction, would he follow the instruction?

“You cannot instruct me… You cannot instruct me, and I say that humbly. I understand the music. I understand life. I understand everything, ”the rapper explained. “I understand the way the universe works, so you don’t have to tell me about certain things. I feel like black people like Kanye West, Jay-Z, fucking Quincy Jones and James Brown, and if Michael Jackson and Prince were here … Black people get that from me. They trust me. “

It’s no secret that Kanye West made a lot of changes to his album ahead of its unexpected official release. When asked about the possibility of being left off the album, Thugga shared the consequences he told West if his verse was left off the single, “Remote Control.”

“What blacks don’t know about Kanye West is that he’s a real black. He’s a billionaire, and all that shit is great, but in real life, he could survive in the trenches. If he goes to the trenches, to the jungle, he could survive. He’s a real nigger, “the Slime Season rapper began.” I just hit Kanye like, ‘Brother, if I’m not on the album, we won’t talk.’

Well, it seems like Kanye cared about talking to Thugga as we can see that the rapper’s verse stayed on the album. Do you think Chris Brown and Soulja Boy could have done the same trick?



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