Wyze Basic Plan Loses Event Recordings After Cam Plus Lite Debut


Wyze caused a sensation Wednesday when Cam Plus Lite announced, a new “pay what you want” subscription plan for your security cameras that includes person detection, and you can pay as little as nothing for the privilege. But at the same time, Wyze’s free basic plan is missing a key feature.

First, the good news. Wyze says it will launch the new Cam Plus Lite plan starting February 15, and among other features, it includes account-wide cloud-based event recording as well as people detection for whatever you’re willing to pay for, including zero. Dollars.

Cam Plus Lite cloud-based event recordings will be limited to 12 seconds in length with a five-minute cooldown and a 14-day continuous video history. For event storage without the time limit, you’ll need to pay for the existing $ 2-a-month Cam Plus plan, which adds pet, package, and vehicle detection while eliminating cooldown. Cam Plus Pro includes 24/7 professional monitoring for $ 4 a month. (Pricing plans are per camera, although you can bundle them with the Cam Plus Lite plan for the entire account.)

The Cam Plus Lite plan will be compatible with Wyze Cam v2 and v3, Cam Pan v1 and v2, and Wyze Cam Outdoor, with Wyze adding that it needs “a little more time” to add its video doorphones to the compatibility list. . Meanwhile, the original Wyze Cam will be left behind due to its outdated hardware, Wyze says.

Wyze stopped short of guaranteeing that Cam Plus Lite would be offered in future Wyze cameras. “We are going to evaluate the results of this experiment before doing [a] decision, but at this time we plan to make it available on future devices, assuming we can cover enough cost from user contributions, ”Wyze said.

Sounds good overall, but here’s the kicker: Wyze’s free basic plan, which used to offer cloud storage of 12-second video recordings of motion events (basic users don’t get people detection), will replace those. Event recordings with snapshots, quite a significant degradation compared to 12-second video clips.

Of course, there are mitigating factors, starting with the fact that Cam Plus Lite is, if you like, free.

Plus, you can always store motion events or continuous recordings locally on a microSD card, and Wyze says it’s removing the 32GB limit for local video storage now that you’ve acquired a license for the exFAT drive format.

Still, Wyze’s frequent references to the Cam Plus Lite plan of paying nothing if you want it as an “experiment” give us pause, as does its commitment “probably” to future camera support.

For what it’s worth, Wyze seems genuinely committed to the idea, stating that “we think a Name Your Price model can work.” But the loss of cloud-based event recording on the free basic plan is worth noting for Wyze users, even if Cam Plus Lite appears to be, for now, anyway, the obvious alternative.

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