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Will and Zoey photos

There are two parties that the stars of The little couple, Jen Arnold and her husband, Bill klein, they like to celebrate more with their family: Halloween and Christmas.

As they prepare for the October break, Jen and Bill love helping their children, son William and daughter Zoey wear all the cutest and coolest Halloween costumes. Every year, the mom and dad of two go the extra mile with their kids’ spooky outfits.

From Will and Zoey’s Adopted in 2013 and debuted on reality shows, the kids have dressed up for trick-or-treating every year both in St. Petersburg and at their old home in Houston, Texas, with Jen documenting their costumes since 2015 on Instagram.

The myriad of characters that children have dressed up include Star Warsthe evil helmet Darth Vader, Anna from Frozen, Belle of Beauty and the Beast – and those are just some of the Disney verse.

And while the coronavirus ruined many trick-or-treating schemes in the US in 2020, Will and Zoey proved that you don’t need to go door-to-door for candy to have a good time.

Sharing a photo of Zoey’s adorable Wonder Woman costume, Jen admitted that they would not trick or treat with the current COVID restrictions and wrote at the time: “It was kind of a #halloween superhero – unfortunately not No trick or treat for us this year, but we had fun giving away candy in a socially distanced way! “

Jen also shared a video of a tube contraption that Bill and Jen’s father David built for the occasion, aptly dubbed the “socially distancing candy dispenser,” that made it easy to drop candy from the top of the stairs and onto the floor. cube underneath a trick-or-treating wannabe.

With another Halloween almost upon us, time will tell what adorable outfits they’ll wear this year!

Keep scrolling to see all the cutest Halloween costumes Will and Zoey wore over the years!



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