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Why FBI Agents Knocked On A TechCrunch Editor’s Door

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Zack whittaker

Zack whittakerTechCrunch security editor, writes about why two agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation knocked on his door after he reported an attack on a Mexican embassy.

Whittaker writes: “We published our story and that seemed to be the end.

“The FBI knocked on my door a year later and suggested it wasn’t. I refused to speak to the agents and closed the door.

“After we published our story, the Mexican government requested the help of the United States Department of Justice through diplomatic channels to investigate the hack and presumably try to identify the hacker. Because I had contact with the hacker, that must have made me a topic of interest to the Mexican authorities, hence the visit a year later.

“A month after the home visit, the Mexican government provided the FBI with a list of written questions that it wanted us to answer, many of which were already answered in the story. Our response to the Justice Department declined to provide anything other than what we had already posted. “

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