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What we know so far about the unusual comic book character

Netflix continues to adapt underrated comic book characters

We have reached a period where we have popular streamers like Netflix and Amazon Prime adapting lesser known heroes and we see how audiences around the world react. After shows like The boys, invincible, other Jupiter’s legacy, The next character to get a live action adaptation is Grendel. However, Grendel is more of an antihero or villain than an inspiring hero. The character has had crossovers with heroes like Batman.

About the character


GrendelIts creator is the American author Matt Wagner in 1982 for Comico. They changed it to Dark Horse Comics after Comico went bankrupt.

Grendel is the alter ego of Hunter Rose, a successful author turned vigilante who takes over the New York City organized crime ring. The name Grendel has many meanings. According to Grendel’s Anglo-Saxon description, he is “the destroyer and devourer of our human species.” Others simply describe him as the devil. The comic followed a noir style at first and discussed the nature of the aggression.

Hunter Rose functions as a wealthy socialite by day and as a vigilante and masked assassin by night. Rose took on the identity of a vigilante to avenge her lover’s death, but did not choose a heroic path; however, Argent, a cursed Native American werewolf with a thirst for violence, pursues him. He is unable to rid himself of the curse even after several hundred years. So, Argent works with the police to put his curse to good use.

Dark Horse Comics

Abubakr Ali, known for his role on CW’s Katy Keene, other Power Book 2 will star as Grendel. In fact, Grendel becomes the first American comic book character to cast an Arab actor. The other confirmed cast members are:

  • Brittany Allen as Annabelle Wright
  • Julian Black Antelope – Argenta
  • Kevin Corrigan by Barry Palumbo
  • Andy Mientus
  • Emma Ho – Stacy Palumbo
  • Jaime Ray Newman
  • Erik palladino
  • Madeline zima

Production is scheduled to end in December 2021, so we can expect it to hit Netflix in late 2022 or early 2023.




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