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Welcome. About the last day of last year, I asked her what, if anything, she expected in 2022. Since then, I have been thinking about Anne Shirley’s optimistic query in “Anne of Green Gables”: “Marilla, isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day without errors yet? ” When I read Anne’s books as a child, I found this simple idea comforting, each new day presented as a clean sheet of loose-leaf paper, full potential.

As an adult who has learned to worry, I rarely think of the days ahead as empty of content. Still, I return to the persistent hope that while the year we begin will surely have “errors,” there may be fewer errors than in the last two, and that our collective and individual experience will make correcting or recovering from them easier.

Here’s what some At Home and Away readers are looking forward to this year (answers edited for length and clarity):

  • “I am looking forward to playing in my first international basketball tournament, the FIMBA Maxibásquet European Championship in Malaga, Spain, at the young age of 71! I was invited to play for Team USA and I am truly honored to have this special opportunity to play against the best 70-75 year old players in the world! To think I almost stopped playing basketball when my old canvas high school Converse shoes wore out in 1972! “—Rus Rusbosin, Venice, Florida.

  • Instead of making a big resolution, this year I will take it one month at a time. January will be 31 days of yoga, February will write every day, March will be vegan before 6pm. I haven’t thought beyond that, but will also take it on the go. Here’s health and baby steps in 2022. “—Jenny Fan Raj, San Francisco

  • “I look forward to retirement after 33 years of teaching public school, grades 2-12. I plan to buy a basketball hoop and play; read the definitive biography of each American first lady (one per month); and indulge in hobbies I haven’t had time for, such as collage, decoupage, sewing, bowling, kayaking, and archery. I imagine I can do most of them even if Covid continues (maybe not bowling). ”—Leslie McLean, Sonoma, California.

  • “In 2022, I plan to read a chapter before bed every night.” —Wilson Martinez, Charlotte, North Carolina

  • “My only goal for the first quarter of 2022 is to clean our basement before my daughter’s third birthday in April. We want to get her a battery, so I’m hoping to make room to install a baby studio for her. She has spent all of her time since she was 11 months cloistered at home with just her parents and a disgruntled cat. If you can’t get vaccinated in the first half of 2022, I want you to feel in control and free in some other way. I hope that breaking her drums and making music can be that for her. “—Sara Greene, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

  • “As a fully vaccinated retiree who loves to travel, I look forward to the beautiful lavender fields in southern France in early July 2022. It’s a tour I booked two years ago for the summer of 2021, foolishly believing that the pandemic be conducive to international travel at that point. In my dreams, I see the shades of purple and breathe deeply, inhaling the scents of lavender. So be it. “—Beverly D. Kerr, Morgantown, West Virginia.

  • Last week, I shared Wikipedia around, a website that asks for your location and then displays Wikipedia articles about the area. I received an email from Jenna Xu from Oakland, California who created a similar site as an “ode to the confinement”. Jenna’s project identifies nearby National Historic Landmarks and suggests routes for self-guided walking tours of the surrounding area. (His goal for 2022? “More projects like this”).

  • I was fascinated by “Girl power becomes sober” by Katie Heaney on The Cut, about Tempest, an online sobriety training program for women.

  • have you been playing everyone’s new favorite game, Word? Of course you do, since At Home and Away readers entered Wordle back around thanksgiving, long before it was cool.

  • Here’s David Byrne and I Have Her doing Yoko Ono’s “Who has seen the wind?” The original was released in 1970 as the B-side of “Instant Karma!” by John Lennon.

Have your dreams been remarkable lately? Any theme or motive that comes up as we slowly move towards two years of fighting the pandemic? Write us and tell us: [email protected]. Be sure to include your full name and location and we may include your contribution in an upcoming newsletter. Were At home and away. We will read every letter sent. As always, here are more ideas for leading a full and cultured life. I will be back on Friday.


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