What the Average Citizen Can Do About the Disappearance of American Democracy

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After a week of urgent warnings about the state of american democracyThere were several requests in the What Matters inbox for something more useful than a warning. What is the average citizen supposed to do about it? I asked a politician, an activist, and a professor studying democracy. And there were also some interesting thoughts from Karl Rove.

Barbara Walter is a professor at the University of California, San Diego and has a new book, “How Civil Wars Start and How to Stop Them.”

She is one of the people who have warned that the country’s democracy is in a dangerous place. When I asked him what Americans could do every day to protect democracy, he answered a lengthy and thoughtful email, which I will summarize in a few key points.

Vote. Even in presidential electionsThere are millions of Americans who do not participate in the democratic process. The proportion of non-voters is even higher in midterm elections, and even higher at the local level. “If they voted, maybe it would change the composition of Congress and break the power of the minority. […]


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