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We Wanna Believe: Enchanted Objects Part 2 (Ghost Hunting Series)

In the previous episode of the Paranormal Network series We want to believe, our team of paranormal investigators came together to begin an exploration of haunted objects at the new home of principal investigator Peter Renn. In the episode embedded above, titled “Killer Ashes and Ouija Boards“Enchanted item exploration continues. This time, the team uses an Ouija board that was supposedly destroyed by a previous owner, only to appear in perfect condition the next day. Sounds like the perfect board to use in an attempt to contact spirits, isn’t it? Find out how the team’s attempt is going by watching the episode!

We want to believe is written and directed by Jason Hewlett, who had this to say about the Enchanted objects episodes:

This was the first time the team got together after a long COVID-inspired lockdown here in Canada, and we were all a little giddy and grateful to be together. I think this is reflected in the research, as we take things seriously enough, without being too serious. This was definitely one of the most fun investigations we’ve ever had, and it was also great to welcome newcomers Shannon Ainslie and Roni Vesa Magnusson to the show. “

Hewlett also produces We want to believe with Jason Morris. The show is executive produced by Berge Garabedian. This episode was edited by Jason Morris. Hewlett is joined in the cast of the show by Peter Renn, Shawn Knippelberg, Sarah Jane, Brandon Knippelberg and Marcus Flor.

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Some previous episodes of We want to believe can be seen below, including the first episode of the Enchanted objects investigation. To see more, head over to Paranormal Network YouTube channel, which is dedicated to things like UFOs, ghosts, and cryptids, and subscribe while you’re there!



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