We Are Lady Parts put Series 2 back into service on Channel 4

Channel 4’s latest comedy series, We are Lady Parts, follows a group of female musicians struggling to find a new lead guitarist. Throughout the series, we are presented with a number of funny muslim women who are trying to navigate their faith alongside the world of modern music, particularly the punk music scene, making for an incredibly endearing and relatable show.

The series ends after the main character Amina leaves the band, still unable to overcome her stage fright, despite the leaps and bounds she has made since the first episode. It’s no wonder then that viewers are eager to see what’s next for Lady Parts. In a roundtable interview with the show’s creator and cast, Nida Manzoor admitted that “we don’t know [about series two] yet. So hopefully we’ll find out soon once the show comes out and let’s see. “Faith Omole (who plays Bisma) also added that” we like to be together, we like to work together. We hang out together, even if we don’t have to work. So I guess we’ll always try to do that, “which makes it seem like the possibility of a second series isn’t a million miles away …

When asked what they hope viewers will take away from the show, collectively, the cast hopes to inspire more diverse and inclusive comedy shows. Omole said that “the writers and actors are here and a lot of kids are inspired and have really big dreams, and we need the industry to open its doors to them so that they are not just one in a million. It’s tired of seeing the only brown actor or black rising from the ashes. I love the fact that there are five of us on the show, and even more, the entire cast. So I hope the industry, watching the show, seeing the vast cast, amazing that we have, I hope they say, ‘Yeah, it’s time we opened the doors for so many more writers and so many more women and so many more people of color,’ that’s what I hope. “

On November 22, Channel 4 announced that the series would be put back into service for a second series. The show’s creator, Nida Manzoor, said “I feel incredibly lucky and excited to have the opportunity to do a second series of We Are Lady Parts. I can’t wait to get back to the band world and delve deeper into their lives. Please wait. mischief, more music and more flights of fantasy. SPARTA! “

Image Source: Channel 4

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