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Virginia Tech to limit attendance at games due to behavior

There will not be as many students at the Virginia Tech football game this weekend due to their “embarrassing” behavior.

University said in a statement that student attendance will be limited starting this Saturday against Pitt due to “selfish, inappropriate and embarrassing student behavior” in previous games. Student attendance will be restricted to season ticket holders and a limited number of lottery winners, along with a new gate entry guide and increased security presence.

While the school did not specifically say what kind of behavior prompted the move, there was growing concern about the stadium experience among students. According to WTVR in Richmond, a student recently shared a video describing a stampede of people moving toward the entrances of the student section, in part due to students without tickets entering. The student added that the chaos caused his girlfriend to have a panic attack, and the large crowds left paramedics unable to reach her.

We have seen things be loud at Virginia Tech games before. However, this sounds a bit out of control. The school probably wouldn’t do this without having a good reason to do so.



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