Two reasons progressives should temper hopes of a labor victory


If you think Labor has a chance in 2022, take a look at the fringe seats across the country, which point to a different outcome.

(Image: Tom Red / Private Media)

“It’s not despair … it’s hope!” John Cleese complains Clock hands. I think the sentiment is originally from Pascal Thoughts, but you get what you get. The progressives and the rusty are having the first real feeling that we could be in on this.

They are / are resigned to Labor’s no-target strategy, the odd choice of a 43% target (the meaning of everything plus one?), And the hope that the Coalition has become such a disgusting rabble that enough people in some key entries will be convinced that some sort of order must be restored.

They quietly hope that victory is likely. Here’s a little and a big reason why they probably shouldn’t.

Read more about the cracks in Labor’s armor …

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