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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Trevor Gordon Hall: “Chase the Chills” (exquisite solo acoustic guitar)

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Trevor Gordon Hall’s tone is absolutely gorgeous in this video. Sumptuous, even.

“Chase the Chills” – opening track from the 2021 album “This Beautiful Chaos” featuring GRAMMY award winner Corin Nelsen (SynchroSonic Productions)

In preparation for each album, I work hard for months, sometimes years, to get every song I have written and about to record right. Yet inevitably there is always one that somehow emerges at the full and complete last minute. I don’t know why and I never force it, but it’s happened enough times that it’s kind of an album making tradition now. This spontaneous “extra tune” helps me to step away, put everything in perspective and remember what it is really all about for me. It has become a philosophy of life when I feel stuck musically (or something really) and don’t know what to do next. Just keep going to ‘Chase the Chills’ and you’ll be fine.

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