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To combat rising shootings, Chicago installs ‘bleeding control kits’ in city buildings

Don’t increase the number of police officers. Don’t enforce the law instead of releasing violent criminals onto the streets. Don’t stop importing gang members from Central America. Don’t vote for sane politicians. Put in blood control bags to stop the rise of violent crime in Chicago.

ABC News Chicago reported that the number of shootings increased in 2021 from 2020:

Chicago has seen a significant increase in shootings and homicides so far this year compared to the first four months of 2020, police said Saturday.

Statistics included in a Chicago Police Department news release reveal that a worrying rise in gun violence this year shows little sign of slowing down. The city had five fewer homicides this April than last April, but the number of shooting victims increased from 225 to 299.

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NBC Chicago Reports that the city has a response to the increase in shootings in Windy City: Bleeding Control Kits:

The city of Chicago is installing hundreds of kits in city buildings to treat bleeding shooting victims under a new program that officials say could help save lives in an emergency.

Chicago’s Office of Communications and Emergency Management announced earlier this month that the city has begun installing 426 wall-mounted “Bleeding Control Kits” in 269 buildings throughout the city.

Those buildings include City Hall, Chicago Public Libraries, the Chicago Cultural Center, medical clinics, senior centers, and more.

OEMC said the kits are being installed under a new program called “Safe Chicago” in partnership with the Chicago Fire Department, the Chicago Police Department and the city’s Asset and Information Services.



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