Tiny Harris is showing a new look


Tiny harris flaunts a new look on his social media account. Check out her pink hair in the video she shared on her IG account below.

‘It was in my hood #ToniBraxton hair for Thanksgiving lol thx @japimage for coming in the hair & @ mzmakeupkit3 on the beat !! It was fun while it lasted! S / o for My lash girl is the truth too @thefalsieformulaco I love this song / album #Insane #SummerWalker #NeededALilBrushingThoLol ‘, he captioned his post.

Someone said, ‘Yasss Toni mixed with a little bit of T-Boz,’ and one commenter said, ‘Tiny just unbelievably beautiful on you.

Another follower[postedthis:’GodblessGodhelpme’andonecommentersaid:’Thatpinklooksreallyniceonyou'[postedthis:’GodblessGodhelpme’andacommentersaid:’Thatpinklooksreallyniceonyou'[publicóesto:’DiosbendigaDiosmeayude’yuncomentaristadijo:’Eserosatequedamuybien'[postedthis:’GodblessGodhelpme’andacommentersaid:’Thatpinklooksreallyniceonyou’

Another commenter said: ‘Bombard all the time, you always achieve anything @majorgirl’, and one commenter said, ‘Ouuu, you would look bombshell with a burnt orange or blonde undercut like that.’

Someone else posted this message: ‘I love it !! Keep it short and pink! You look good with short hair, ‘and another follower said,’ I know we’re both cancers because that’s one of my favorite summer walkers songs! ‘

One fan said, ‘Now girl, if you don’t do that damn thing, you can achieve anything.’

Tiny harris shared a video with the sweet heiress giving a singing lesson. Take a look at the clip that has wowed fans.

@heiressdharris & @annietracy doing a little singing lesson. A work in progress. The heiress says she doesn’t like how it sounds in that birthday song lol my baby is already a perfectionist! #HeiressDoesItAll #AnnieTracy #StartThemEarly, ‘Tiny wrote in her post.

Someone said: ‘Can we recognize your AMAZING voice from voice coach !!!!!!! We already know that Miss Heiress will be a star. ‘

In other news, Tiny harris he is encouraging his fans and followers to vote. Take a look at the post he shared on his social media account below.

Someone said, “They want you to go vote the day before Thanksgiving, while you’re in the air lane or stuck in traffic somewhere, this is a pure example of white people doing things to keep people from without vote”.


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