This VW Touareg V10 TDI has become an off-road beast


For some reason yesterday, the topic of the Touareg V10 TDI popped up in my world. I drove one once years ago, as it was the second press vehicle to which I had been given the keys. It had an impact on my brain and I definitely still think about it. I know it wouldn’t be the best vehicle to find for sale right now in terms of reliability and repair costs. But I still think every once in a while about what it would be like to own and eventually tweak it to make it cool. Someone out there has already done it, like a UK team called Darkside Developments has completely turned him into a true off-road monster.

For a little over a year, the tuning and fabrication shop has documented how it bought the truck and brought it to where it is now. And where it is now is very impressive. With a remapped tune, this Touareg now sees 352 horsepower and 720 lb-ft of torque coming from its 5.0-liter, 10-cylinder engine. Darkside created the tune and then went on to apply a bunch of his own parts to the truck.

The exhaust has been modified. There is a double snorkel setup to keep the inlet breathing dry air. A body lift has been installed and the 33 ″ off-road tires sit on 18 ″ wheels. Interestingly, the UK description for their AT tires is RT, which stands for rugged terrain. I don’t know why I find it funny, but here we are.

The truck also sports full underbody protection, an aggressive front bumper with shackles, and a winch. I’m a little curious how those shackles are assembled, but this seems to be a crew that knows what it’s doing.

In the video above, you can watch for ten minutes how the truck was purchased for almost a year of work. And there are tons more videos on your playlist if you want to get more details or see even more of what has been done with this rig.

As I was saying, I think of the V10 TDI from time to time. And now I’m probably going to think about it even more often.


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