‘They just took out my whole damn uterus’!

Vicki gunvalson revealed that he had been diagnosed with cancer during a controversial chat with the former “Flipping Out” designer, Jeff lewis. The “True Orange County Housewives “ everything appeared in Jeffs Sirius XM radio show, “Jeff Lewis Live,” on Wednesday. Vicki former co-star, Judge Tamra, also appeared on the broadcast.

“Had cancer! They just took out my whole damn uterus, ”said the former Bravo veteran.

Vicki.59, shared that she had undergone a hysterectomy while discussing her controversial affair with her ex, Brooks ayers. Ayers He admitted to falsifying medical documents to convince others that he had sought treatment at City of Hope Cancer Hospital in 2015.

Vickicomment left Jeff other Tamra unfazed, since neither of them recognized VickiHealth news. The three former Bravo stars simply continued their conversation, after Vickicomment from.

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Vicki She confessed earlier in the discussion that she had been “going through a difficult time right now,” but did not share any details.

“I don’t need anyone to take me down,” he added.

Hysterectomies are often done to treat endometrial cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. The type of cancer Vicki has been confused.

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Jeff Lewis || Jeff Lewis vs. Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki other Jeff They share a hostile relationship, having publicly clashed for years. The duo worked to discuss their issues during the curmudgeon interview, but both Vicki other Jeff I turned up the volume and they tried to talk to each other, several times. Jeff finally agreed to “never speak ill” of Vicki again, as long as they were able to “bury the ax” during their radio conversation.

VickiThe health update comes after her messy breakup with her ex-fiancé, Steve Lodge, made headlines.

A weekly report for September from the US. Vickiemotional state as a result of the split.

Steve broke up with Vicki while she was filming the [Real Housewives] spinoff show in the Berkshires, ”revealed a source. “After he told her this, she was traumatized. He ruined it. She didn’t want to be in it [Dorinda Medley’s] house more “.

The informant added that Vicki it was “still a mess” and “not okay” since the breakup. SteveThe 62-year-old reportedly moved out of the former Bravo star’s home.

An informant spoke to E! about the breakout on September 28th.

Steve ended things with Vicki, ”A source told E! News on September 28.

The insider noted that the couple tried to reconcile after initially leaving him in June.

Steve other Vicki they had been living apart for much of the pandemic, “said the snitch. “Steve had been living as a single man in Puerto Vallarta, while Vicki than in the United States “

A source wrote to Deux Moi after the duo left on Instagram and claimed that Steve had been partying with women in Mexico, during his time away from Vicki.

Steve Lodge It can be seen regularly at the local bar / restaurant Coto De Caza. Hanna is making out with women who are not Vicki”Affirmed an unidentified source. “According to the bartender, there is no way that he and Vicki He may still be engaged since he is there every night just with a different woman. “

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