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Monday, November 29, 2021

There is no ‘quick fix’ to the Canal crisis, says Interior Secretary

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The Home Secretary has told MPs that she has reiterated the British government’s offer to initiate joint patrols in French waters to prevent the crossing of small boats.

In an afternoon statement, Priti Patel told MPs that he has spoken with French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin to discuss a solution to the crisis, following yesterday’s tragedy.

The prime minister spoke with French President Emmanuel Macron last night following a migrant boat accident Wednesday afternoon in the English Channel, in which as many as 33 people, including a girl, are reported to have been killed.

Around 10 more migrants have died in recent weeks attempting this trip.

“I literally just spoke again with my French counterpart, Minister Darmanin, and once again I reached out and made my offer very clear to France in terms of joint cooperation between France and the UK, joint patrols to prevent these dangerous trips take place. place, ”Patel said this afternoon.

“I offered to work with France to put officers ashore and do absolutely whatever is necessary to secure the area, so that vulnerable people do not risk their lives by getting into boats that are not fit for navigation.”

The minister argued that there was no quick solution “to the crisis, but welcomed French President Emmanuel Macron’s comments that” indicated his determination to stop the many human trafficking gangs. ”

“What happened yesterday was a terrible shock, it was not a surprise, but it is also a reminder of how vulnerable people are in danger when they are in the hands of criminal gangs,” he continued.

“There is also no quick fix. It’s about tackling long-term pull factors, crushing criminal gangs that treat humans as cargo, and tackling supply chains. ”

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