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The US government expects households to see heating bills rise by as much as 54% this winter

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It will cost Americans a lot more money to keep their homes heated this winter thanks to Joe Biden.

Inflation rose 5.4% year-on-year in September, the highest rate in 13 years!

Prices rose 0.4% in September, compared to 0.3% in August.

Gas, food and goods remain the main drivers of inflation.

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Gasoline is up 25% under Joe Biden: the poor and the middle class suffer the most.

The US government expects households to see their heating bills rise, as experts predict this winter will be colder than last winter.

The Associated Press reported:

With prices soaring around the world for heating oil, natural gas and other fuels, the US government said Wednesday that it expects home heating bills to rise as much as 54% compared to last winter. .

The steepest increases are likely to be in homes that use propane, which account for only 5% of American homes, but others are likely to see large increases as well.

Homes that use natural gas, which make up nearly half of all American homes, can spend $ 746 this winter, 30% more than a year ago. That could make this winter’s heating bills the highest for them since the winter of 2008-2009.

The second most typical source of heating for homes is electricity, which accounts for 41% of the country, and those homes could see a more modest increase of 6% to $ 1,268. Households using heating oil, which account for 4 % of the country, they could see a 43% increase, over $ 500, to $ 1,734.



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