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‘The tragedy we feared’: what the French newspapers were saying about the Canal disaster

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Last night tragedy at Channel led the front pages and news websites in France Thursday morning, and many reported the PresidentHe comments that “France will not allow the Canal to become a cemetery.”

National leader French Newspaper, Le Monde, reported on the outrage of activists that met in the port de Calais and watched as emergency services brought the bodies of the victims to shore. One person carried a sign that read, “How many kills will you need?” and Alexine Fougner, who has been helping migrants living in nearby camps, told the newspaper: “When we say borders kill, that’s really it.”

Another activist, Olivier Maillard, referred to the small meeting at the port and said that “empathy is running out in this country.” He added: “They were men, women, children, humans. We’d be 5,000 tonight and 50. “

The newspaper reported that most of the victims were Kurds, from Iraq or Iran. They noted Emmanuel Macron’s comments about not allowing the Canal to become a graveyard, saying: “Actually, it has already become one.”

Le Monde also pointed to the Wednesday night phone call between Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron. The French president “reportedly let Boris Johnson know that he expected the British to cooperate fully” during the call “and to refrain from using a dramatic situation for political purposes.”

The front page of the French newspaper Liberation on Thursday 25 November, after the tragedy on the Canal


The center-left tabloid Liberation used a photo of a mother carrying her children on Dungeness beach, on England’s southeast coast, on its cover. The family had been rescued while attempting to make the dangerous journey through the canal on Wednesday.

The newspaper referred to the French coastal area, La Manche, as “deadlier than ever” in its headline.

They reported on the comments of the Interior Minister, Gerald Darmanin, made in Calais on Wednesday night, where he spoke of a “great national duel for France, for Europe.” He said that human traffickers were responsible for “this despicable situation”, but also added that a response must “come from Great Britain”, saying: “traffickers often play on our lack of cooperation.”

The regional newspaper, La voix du Nord, reported on ‘the tragedy we feared would happen’, which they described as ‘the highest price ever charged’

(La voix du nord)

The regional newspaper, La Voix du Nord, dedicated its front page to the incident, describing it as “The tragedy we feared would happen.”

His article on the crisis began with the phrase: “A nightmare”, and went on to describe a country in shock “stunned by a drama that everyone feared.”

Le Parisien newspaper made front-page news about the tragedy with the headline: “Tragedy off the coast of Calais.” His summary of the news said: “Last night, at least 27 people, including a girl, died near La Manche while trying to cross in a makeshift boat.

The newspaper Le Parisien leads with news about the migration crisis.

(Le Parisien)

Le Figaro, reported comments made by volunteers from the SNSM rescue service in Calais. Volunteers called the deaths in the Canal “group murder” and Charles Devos, head of the ship Notre-Dame du Risban, said: “We recovered six bodies adrift.

“They have makeshift inflatable boats that are around 10 meters long, but unfortunately, there were fifty people on board.”

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