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The source | Father claims he cannot locate his son after being recruited by Donda Academy

According to a series of confirmed reports, a 16-year-old student-athlete from North Carolina who was recruited by Kanye West’s DONDA Academy received permission from the academy to move from his native Caroline to California, but not his father.

The report indicates that his father did not give Robert Dillingham permission to move to Cali to attend the academy owned by Kanye West, but his father, Donald Dillingham, claims that his school paid his mother for Robert to attend. Dillingham also claims that when he tried to call the school to find out his son’s whereabouts, the school administration told him that they were not aware of any information about his son.

Dillingham says he spoke with Shayla Scott, the Director of Athletics and Academics at Donda Academy, who told the boy’s father that they were instructed not to speak to him. The audio of Dillingham’s call has now appeared online. will update this story as details develop.



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