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‘The Problem with Jon Stewart’ is already Apple’s best unscripted series

Oprah could have a problem with Jon Stewart.

As reported by Weekly entertainment, “The Problem with Jon Stewart” is now Apple’s best unscripted series. According to one source, the series has already surpassed the popularity of Oprah Winfrey’s “The Oprah Conversation.” The companion podcast has skyrocketed up the charts as well.

Announced as part of Stewart’s new first-look deal with Apple, the hour-long series received the green light as a “multi-season” finale long before The Problem debuted on September 30 with an episode titled “The Problem With War. “. And the gamble appears to have paid off: EW has confirmed through a source that the series is now the most-watched unscripted programming on Apple TV +, beating even Oprah Winfrey’s The Oprah Conversation. (The companion podcast to The Problem also shot to top spot on the charts when it debuted.)

The new biweekly series features Stewart’s return to television, where he immerses himself in individual themes with each episode.

“The Problem With Jon Stewart” is a multi-season, one-issue series that delves into the issues that affect us most. In this new original series from Apple, Stewart will talk to the people who are affected by the problem, as well as those who are involved in creating the impact. Together, they will discuss a more productive path to action. The companion series podcast will extend the conversation for each episode, with staff members from across the show giving us interviews with activists in space, the facts on the subject, and yes, plenty of jokes.

Stemming from a multi-year association with Apple TV +, “The Problem With Jon Stewart” will be hosted and produced by Stewart through Busboy Productions. The series is executive produced by showrunner Brinda Adhikari, along with veteran Stewart manager James Dixon and Richard Plepler through EDEN Productions, which has an exclusive general production contract with Apple. Chelsea Devantez is the lead writer and Lorrie Baranek is the supervising producer.

If you haven’t seen the trailer for the series yet, you can watch a trailer below:

“The Problem with Jon Stewart” now airs on Apple TV +. If you want to enjoy the new series in the best possible quality, check out our list of the best TVs for Apple TV 2021.

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