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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The pandemic has been isolating, but I will always be grateful for a moment of community.

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Do you need to hear a happy story? A “so many hundreds of thousands of people have died and large swaths of the country have refused to try to save lives and we have seen the Capitol attacked in an attempt to overturn an election, but not everything is terrible all the time” story?

So my son turned 4 early in this life-changing historic pandemic, and obviously we had to cancel his birthday party. Oh, we had a Zoom party for her preschoolers, with music from a local children’s musician. But to tell a child that at that time he made us walk regularly through his school so that we could look out the door to be safe It’s closed because he wasn’t going to have his party, or visit from his grandmothers, or anything, actually, the first year he really thought ahead of time for the birthday he wanted? Oof. So we consulted with our resident public health professionals (seriously, our building has two of them) and we emailed everyone in our building asking for their help in making their day that little bit more special than a Zoom.

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