The Audi A4 Avant 2023 breaks the cover with new spy photos


The spies captured what appears to be 2023 Audi A4 State-of-the-art tests on production bodies in Europe. While still sporting great camo, this prototype appears to be relatively late development and surprisingly for this time of year it is wearing what appears to be a high-performance wheel and tire package.

That’s right, there’s no winter rubber or high ground clearance for this (seemingly compact) wagon, which travels low on a set of tires with some thin sidewalls that appear to have been scored, suggesting that this prototype is undergoing to dynamic tests. This is our first look at the next A4 replacement, and we can see that the Avant seems to have inherited some of its frontal styling from the crazy RS 6.

And although the RS 6 is sold in the United States, Audi has been shy about offering any variant of the long-roof A4 here, apart from the All the way, which is taller than the standard Avants and is deliberately tuned to look more like an SUV. Unlike the biggest A6 Allroad, however, has a fixed-height suspension, which maximizes your everyday utility at the expense of handling, but isn’t so compromised as to be unpleasant. We expect the same basic formula to carry over to the next-gen A4, only with more electrified variants.

We call it model 2023 here, but we suspect it will be for Europe, as VW Group of America trends to lag behind the continent by roughly one model year when it comes to product life cycles. Regardless, it shouldn’t be long until we see the production version in all its glory. Stay tuned.

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