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The 31 best horror movies to stream this Halloween

October is made for creepy movies, from classics like Hallowe’en other Psychopath at a newer rate, which includes The spell other U.S. Whether you’re looking to get spooked by ax killers or alien invasions, these are some of the most critically acclaimed horror titles you can stream at home, under a blanket to protect your eyes as needed.

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

A deranged hypnotist uses his skills to manipulate a sleepwalker into committing murders on his behalf in this silent film, a classic German expressionist film that is widely recognized as the first horror film in history.

The glow

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Everyone knows the iconic moments of Stanley kubrickEighties psychological thriller. There are Jack NicholsonThe deranged installment of “Heeeeere’s Johnny”. There are Shelley duvallThe agonized look on the other side of his mockery. And who could forget those enchanted twins roaming the corridors of the Overlook Hotel? Each subsequent clock of this Stephen King The adaptation uncovers new scares within Jack Torrance’s tormented psyche.


Florence pughThe flower-covered body would be a relaxing image in another movie. But not in Midsommar, Ari asterIt is the slowly terrifying tale of a group of Americans caught up in Sweden’s most deceptive festival. When Ariana Grande his birthday party themes centered around a movie, one knows he has cemented a permanent place in pop culture.

The bride of Frankenstein

Pioneering horror director James Whale directed both Frankenstein and its sequel, loosely adapted from Mary Shelley’s novel. After seeing this, you can see Ian McKellen in his Oscar-nominated performance as Whale in Gods and monsters, about the last days of the director.


Nobody does terror like Wes Craven. What started out as an untimely death scene involving a landline phone buckle drew Barrymore it has become a five-movie franchise. The next sequel (available February 2022), titled Scream (again), gather the stars of OG Neve campbell, Courteney cox, and David arquette with newcomers including Jack Quaid other In the heightsMelissa barrera.


Sunset Boulevard

When it was time to Jamie Lee Curtis to launch his own horror run, following his mother’s famous twist on Psychopath, From 1978 Hallowe’en it’s what welcomed her into the fray. John carpenterThe groundbreaking film, complete with the notorious murderer Michael Myers, has inspired more than 10 films in a row. 43 years after originating the role of Laurie, Curtis is playing the role once again in the upcoming Halloween kills.


Willem dafoe was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for Shadow of the vampire, in which he played Max Schreck, the actor who plays the lead role in the original film. Nosferatu, who is it maybe a real vampire. Look at the real Nosferatu if you want to compare Schreck’s performance with Dafoe’s.


This is the one that warned children around the world about sitting too close to the TV. Attributed to Director Tobe Hooper (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), but heavily rumored be directed by the producer Steven Spielberg, Elf remains one of the scariest ghost stories of all time.


Death of Browning Monsters is set in a circus show, where an aerialist conspires to swindle another artist of his heritage by tricking him into marrying her. Monsters features artists with real physical disabilities, and for that reason, it has aged poorly in terms of the way it exploits that community. Even so, it remains a cult classic that pushes the limits, and a signifier of this era in horror cinema.




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