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Thanksgiving games to play with those progressives you call family

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There is nothing more useless during the holiday season than the advice columns offered by traditional media for liberal and conservative family members to get along over Thanksgiving dinner.

They just don’t get it.

Conservatives are a group of opposites who live to annoy liberals and are not interested in getting along, especially when it comes to family members.

So in the spirit of the holiday season, which may be the first with family since China released COVID from those Dr. Fauci-funded labs, here are our suggestions on how to have fun with those progressives you call family.

Insist that everyone wear a mask while eating, cut a slit through yours. Add lipstick according to your gender preference.

Discuss so that the unvaccinated sit at the large table where air can circulate better, while the vaccinated sit at the children’s table.

If it’s a potluck, bring toilet paper and defend its value above that of candied sweet potatoes.

Ask about the cost of each food served up to the fried onions in the broccoli cassarole, then compare it to the good times of the Trump economy.

You will need this handy guide:

Spend time with the little ones and ask them what they are learning at school, in front of their parents.

Challenge college kids with tough math equations: If Joe has a 36% approval rating but Kamala only has 28%, how many votes will Democrats need to steal the next election?

Organize a riot after dinner to get rid of all that food.

Good luck narrowing down that Christmas gift list and have a happy Thanksgiving!

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