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Sporadic issues affecting HomeKit Secure Video with iOS 15

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Some installations of iOS 15 or tvOS 15 are causing problems for users who trust HomeKit Secure Video, and the troubleshooting looks for the settings with a HomePod as the Home Hub.

AppleInsider It has not been able to reproduce this, but several users have had problems with HomeKit Secure Video. Most report that they are no longer recording video, but others also say they have trouble getting their security cameras recognized.

It is not limited to any camera manufacturer. There is a recurring factor that HomePods are being used as HomeKit hubs, but it is not conclusive that HomePod or HomePod mini are in any way to blame.

“[Since] upgrading to iOS 15, my eufy indoor cameras no longer record any video, “it says Reddit user badmaj5 in a typical discussion. “The latest recordings are from the Monday before the update, so now my wife is not happy that I always want to update the new when everything was working fine before.”

In this case, and apparently most of them, cleaning the devices, removing them from HomeKit, and starting over is usually the solution.

“I decided to restart everything,” continued badmaj5. “I first removed all the HomePods from my HomeKit and iCloud account. Then I rebooted the Apple TV and did a reset and update option, and also removed them from my iCloud account.”

The user also removed all cameras from HomeKit, before re-adding the HomePod “and making sure it showed up as a hub.” After that and the addition of cameras, more HomePods and so on, “everything works normally again.”

It’s a complicated fix, and since there’s no clear cause for it, there’s also no way to make sure this fixes the problem permanently.

Apple has yet to comment on the reports.



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