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Snoochie Shy was ‘robbed’ after being tried, viewers claim

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Viewers of I’m A Celebrity have claimed that Snoochie Shy was “robbed” after tonight’s trial with Danny Miller.

The couple took part in the show’s first gruesome food test: Castle’s Dreaded Diner.

However, fans of the show weren’t impressed when Danny took home the award from the camp.

Snoochie Shy participated in the show’s first food test (Credit: ITV)

I’m a star celebrity Snoochie Shy

The public voted for Danny to make the judgment during the show last night.

In the meantime, Snoochie volunteered to do the trial together with the Emmerdale star.

The radio host said: “I’m afraid the possibility of not getting any stars and having to go back to the Castle and tell everyone, ‘Sorry guys …’

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“I’m dreading coming back empty-handed.”

And Danny seemed just as nervous.

He said, “This is literally going to be hell on earth.

Danny vomited during the trial (Credit: ITV)

“I will and I will make my son proud of me. That’s literally my thought process right now. “

During the trial, the couple ate a number of disgusting delicacies.

Some of the things on the menu included cow’s nose, cow’s nipples, sheep’s feet, pig’s brain, fermented duck egg, fermented catfish, and goat’s testicle.

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But since the test ended in a draw, the couple had to have a Van Hella shake.

Danny and Snoochie had their drinks and Danny won.

However, viewers at home did not seem impressed with the result.

How did the viewers respond to the trial?

Many believed that Snoochie deserved to win as Danny vomited throughout the trial.

On Twitter, one said: “Snoochie got that #ImACeleb win stolen from him.”

A second added: “NAH SNOOCHIE WAS STOLEN #ImACeleb.”

What a scam!

Also, a third party wrote: “No, @snoochieshy got robbed! Danny brought most of it! #ImACeleb “.

Another complained: “She ate more and kept it low, plus she was smiling throughout the #ImACeleb.”

Also, a fifth shared: “Snoochie got robbed there, he literally had to eat more and was throwing it all away right away, what a scam #ImACeleb.”

A sixth commented, “Is there now no penalty for vomiting during feeding trials?”

Meanwhile, others believed that Snoochie was given tougher meals.

One tweeted: “Snoochie clearly got the hardest #ImACeleb meals.”

One second agreed: “Snoochie has had the hardest meal to eat #ImACeleb #ImACelebrity #ImACelebrityGetMeOutOfHere.”

Snoochie will also participate in the trial tomorrow night after being voted on by the public.

For more information, tune in I’m a celebrity … Get me out of here! tomorrow at 9 pm on ITV.

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