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See the younger brother of ‘TMOG’ Star

Catelynn Baltierra (née Lowell) has been a fixture in Teen Mom OG for several years now, but fans were shocked to see a rare appearance from his younger brother Nicholas (aka Nick) on a recent episode of the MTV series. Viewers were quick to comment on how much older his brother looked in one of the scenes on Tuesday, October 12, and many took to Twitter to sound off.

What is Nick doing today?

Members of Catelynn’s family stopped by to reconnect on the October 12 episode of TMOG, during which Nick talked about their relationship.

As he catches up with his mother, April, and her 14-year-old younger brother on the show, the TV personality made sure to address the importance of safe sex.

Courtesy of Nicholas Lowell / Instagram

“I’m going to do everything I can to help my brother not suffer the same consequences,” he said. Conquering chaos the author said in a confessional, before offering to buy him protection if necessary.

Catelynn explained that she did not want her brother to face an unexpected pregnancy after going through a similar experience in the franchise. In 2009, she and her husband, Tyler baltierra, faced a lot of struggles after finding out that they were expecting their first child together on 16 years and pregnant, which ultimately resulted in their daughter Carolyn “Carly” Elizabeth Davis being put up for adoption.

Since then, Tyler and Catelynn have welcomed three more children, Novalee Reign Baltierra, 6, Vaeda Luma Baltierra, 2, and Rya Rose in August 2021.

Are Catelynn and Nick still close these days?

Nick, who is Catelynn’s maternal half brother, was quick to defend her in February 2021, shortly after news broke that she and Tyler were expecting baby No. 4. “Lol, my sister got pregnant ANOTHER ONCE to try and stay relevant, “his paternal half-brother, River, reportedly posted via Instagram Stories, prompting Nick to respond.

“Be happy for the family for once,” Nick responded via his own Instagram Stories. “You are angry that they won’t cut anything from you. [Shut the f–k up] and keep MY sister’s name out of your mouth. “He also thanked a Teenage mother blog for posting about River’s comments because River had supposedly “blocked” it.

Catelynn Lowell's brother, Nick today

Does Nick have social media?

Nick has to the Instagram account, which recently included a photo with a partner Teen Mom OG star Cheyenne floyd. Before that, he shared a photo of his nieces on September 10, including a photo of himself holding baby Rya.



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