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See the couple ‘Counting on’

It has grown! Counting on star Justin duggar He joined Instagram in September 2020 and revealed that he was courting Claire spivey. Anyone who follows the Duggars knows that they aren’t just dating for fun, so it wasn’t long before the lovebirds took the romance to the next level and got engaged!

Justin first announced their exciting new relationship on September 21. “What a year this has been! God has done so much in my life, and the greatest blessing has been Claire’s gift, ”she wrote alongside a slideshow of tender images with her new love. “She is more precious than anything I could ask for, and I am so excited for our future together!”

Claire seemed equally excited to go public with her relationship with Justin. “Words will never express the depth of my love and admiration for this incredible man!” she wrote, adding that he is the “cutest person” she knows. “Every moment we spend with him is a treasure. I am very grateful for the man of God that he is. Whether we are in person or long distance, he appreciates me and loves me unconditionally. His example for me and everything he finds, is like no other. I am the most blessed woman in the world to be in a relationship. [with] you. I love you forever. “

While fans recently found out about the young couple’s romance, they were secretly courting for quite some time. Photos posted by Justin and his sister-in-law Anna duggar shows that he has been dating Claire since at least Christmas 2019, as they posed in Christmas pajamas and in front of a Christmas tree. Justin’s mom, Michelle, and dad Jim bob they seemed to confirm that timeline in their own congratulatory message.

“When Justin couldn’t stop talking about the great girl that Claire was, we knew it was only a matter of time before she made it official,” they wrote. “We loved getting to know Claire and her family better over the last year, and we think they are their world!”

With their dizzying romance, it wasn’t long before fans began to speculate that the two could make their relationship more official before the end of the year, and they were right! On November 16, 2020, Justin and Claire announced their engagement after more than a year of courtship.

“There is nothing comparable to finding who you are destined to spend your life with,” said the young couple. Us weekly Monday, November 16. “We know that we have found it in each other. We can’t wait to get married and look forward to a life together of faith in Christ, mutual love, and happiness! “

By February 2021, they were married and in September they bought a home in Texas. Congratulations!

Scroll through the gallery below for the cutest photos of Justin and Claire’s relationship.



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