Romelu Lukaku’s performance against Manchester City just isn’t good enough


Thomas Tuchel is a lively figure on the touchline in most games. However, even for a manager who once sweated in a baby blue padded jacket, the Chelsea manager outdid himself on Saturday afternoon.

Barely confined by the confines of his technical area, Tuchel looked like a vein was about to pop as he tortuously watched as his side slipped 13 points behind league leaders Manchester City with a 1-0 loss at the Etihad. .

The repeated focus of much of the anger surrounding chelsea in recent months it has fallen on the broad shoulders of Romelu Lukaku.

In a match that was sparsely dotted with clear chances for either side, such is the contrasting style but proportional quality of each side’s defence. Lukaku he was presented with, and squandered, Chelsea’s best starts.

In the first ten minutes, Lukaku threatened to exploit Pep Guardiola’s decision to leave Ruben Dias on the bench. Launching John Stones onto the pitch with a twist of the hips, the Chelsea number nine made a rare foray into City’s defensive third. Even so, before a hint of a goal, Hakim Ziyech tried to look for an offside.


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