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Robin Williams’ daughter begs fans to stop spamming her with viral video

Fans of the deceased Robin willliams have been delighted with a recent viral video showing a heartbreaking moment in comic book life. Now him patch Adams the daughter of the star, Zelda williams, has begged his fans to stop sending him the video showing him on one of his “saddest days.” This is what he said about the actor. Jamie Costas, who played his famous father.

A viral “Test Footage” video has been circulating on social media after actor Jamie Costas posted it on his YouTube channel. In the video, Costas plays Robin Williams when the comedian starred Mork and Mindy. The emotional scene shows the moment when Robin was informed of the death of his friend John Belushi by his co-star Pam Dawber, played by Sarah Murphee.

Apparently, a lot of people had the same idea and started sending the video to Robin’s daughter, Zelda Williams. Eventually, it became too much for the 32-year-old actress and she issued a statement on Twitter.

Zelda tweeted, “Guys, I’m just saying this because I don’t think it will stop until I recognize it… please stop sending me the ‘test images’. I have seen it. “She quickly added,” Jamie is SUPER talented, this is not against him, but all of you sending me an impression of my late dad on one of his saddest days is strange. “

This isn’t the first time Zelda has had to issue a statement on the social media site about him. Goodwill hunting Star fan interactions with her. On the sixth anniversary of Robin’s passing, he tweeted a lengthy message announcing that he would be taking a break from social media for a period of time.

“As always, I won’t be here,” he tweeted at the time. “It is difficult for me, on good and regular days, to remain the person who is expected to graciously accept the world’s need to share its memories of him and express condolences for his loss.”

While she insisted that she was “constantly moved by all her boundless and continuing love for him,” she sometimes felt she was seen “as a roadside monument, a place, not a person, where people pass and leave. his feelings in the hands of then go on his consoled days of his love for him witnessed “.

Zelda added, starkly and beautifully, “After all, even the roses per truck weigh a ton.” The video featuring Costas and his emotional and almost eerily accurate impersonation of the late comedian may be found here or looked at below.



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