Saturday, October 23, 2021
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Ray J is released from hospital after fight with pneumonia

Just last week, social media had the impression that the singer, actor, businessman and Brandy’s little brother Ray J was in the hospital with COVID-19 pneumonia. The news immediately raised public concerns before it was confirmed that the “One Wish” singer had only contracted pneumonia after several negative COVID tests.

The owner of the indestructible glasses was taken out of the coronavirus wing of the hospital and placed in the corresponding wing. When asked, Ray J shared with TMZ that he believed he was going to die. “I thought it was over,” he stated. “I started praying and I knew that God is good, so I kept praying.”

After days of waiting to hear an update, it was confirmed that Ray J’s condition has completely improved, allowing the singer to be released from the hospital. Reports also indicate that the singer is no longer on oxygen and has not needed his inhaler.

We hope that Ray J continues a healthy recovery.



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