PRO agency signs global neighboring rights deal with Secretly Distribution


PRO Agency has signed an expanded neighboring rights deal with a US-born independent music company. Alexander Warnke, by agency

Alexander Warnke, CEO of the PRO agency, said: “We are pleased to further expand the existing cooperation with one of the largest international independent players and enable a comprehensive and optimal collection of neighboring rights.”

“Our record partners and artists are in very capable hands.”

Chris Cannon, secret distribution

Chris Cannon, Director of International Strategy at Secretly Distribution, added: “We have enjoyed working with Alex and his team since 2019 and have been very impressed with their deep understanding of the performers rights landscape and their ability to dig deep into each market. to maximize collections

“We look forward to beginning this expanded partnership with the professional agency, safe in the knowledge that our record partners and artists are in very capable hands.”

PRO Agency reached an agreement to handle related rights for US independent record label Merge Records in 2020.

In November 2019, Uganda-based Nyege Nyege Tapes signed a global agreement on related rights with the PRO Agency.Music business around the world


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