Priyanka Chopra says all is well in the Chopra-Jonas household despite changing her name on Instagram and What Else by January 14, 2022


Priyanka Chopra (Jonas) says it’s no big deal that she changed her name on Instagram, and that all is well in the Chopra-Jonas household. mmm okay. (Listed D)

FKA twigs released her new mixtape, capri songs. He hasn’t impressed me so far, but his music has a way of sneaking up on me until it’s all I listen to. (popsugar)

The Fug Girls guess which celebrities will be wearing pieces from Roberto Cavalli’s pre-fall collection. They’re right, the plaid trench dress SHOUTS Kate Middleton’s name. (Go fuck yourself)

I’m not invested in tennis, so forgive me for not knowing that Novak Djokovic was such a DRAMA. Of course, all of this current drama could be avoided if you just got vaccinated. In other news, I bet there’s a certain movie studio watching this game and sweating, wondering if they’re about to be the center of the next international vaccine drama. (celebrity)

Do you know what I needed today and I bet you do too? A story about a 19th century con artist who took the English aristocracy for a ride.. Of course, like all scam stories, there is a downside: the hopeful, mostly lower-class citizens who fought for a better life in the new world only to find starvation and death. Read on about the brilliantly named Gregor MacGregor and his fake South American country, Poyais. (Hustle)


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