On-board camera: Radim Passer’s Bugatti Chiron top speed race


In November of last year, Radim Passer brought his Bugatti Chiron to Wittenburg, Germany. His goal was to drive the car in the unrestricted section of the Autobahn and try to reach its top speed. If you have been following The Supercar Blog, you may have seen the video we shared last month. Now, Radim has shared the onboard footage of the top speed race.

Even the idea of ​​driving a car on public roads at speeds above 400 km / h seems far-fetched. This video is proof that you have to have a couple of family gems to try and get close to the Chiron’s top speed on a public road. Over 400 km / h, the landscape is just a blur. Imagine being in your econobox in the slow lane as a Chiron zooms past.

Having said that, Radim didn’t just show up in Wittenburg that day for the top speed race. As you may have guessed, there was a lot of preparation. The car was first sent to Bugatti for a thorough overhaul, and only after receiving the go-ahead from Molsheim did Radim hit the road.


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