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Noah Syndergaard reportedly tests positive for COVID-19

Noah syndergaard has tested positive for COVID-19, according to several reporters, including Tim Healey from Newsday Sports. The right-hander was scheduled to make a rehab appearance today as he continues his arduous journey back to the big leagues. Instead, it will be another setback in a year full of them for Syndergaard.

Since undergoing Tommy John surgery in March 2020, Thor has been discontinued and started in 2021. He initially began a period of rehab in May, but was closed after just two openings due to elbow inflammation. He then began a second stint of rehab Thursday, pitching just one inning, with the goal of returning as a reliever as there is no longer enough time in the season to stretch properly as a starter. Now you will have to put everything back on hold due to this positive test.

This is another disappointment in a month full of them for the Mets. After leading the NL East for much of the season, they have gone 7-19 in August and are now 7 1/2 games behind the Braves, with the Phillies among them.

The Mets already faced a tough decision with Syndergaard as he approaches free agency and is a candidate for a qualified offer. If he’s healthy, he’s a potential starter at the top of the rotation and he’s certainly worth the money. But the club will have to judge its health based on any small sample of work it can produce in the dwindling number of games left. With another setback, the sample they will use to make that decision has now gotten even smaller.



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