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Michael Hussey Opens Up To Battle With Covid-19 During India Leg Of IPL 2021

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Michael Hussey recounted his horrific battle with COVID-19 during the 2021 Indian Premier League. Michael Hussey had tested positive for the virus during the India leg of the 2021 IPL. The 2021 Indian Premier League (IPL) season was an edition unique as it was played in two halves in two different countries.

While the first stage took place in India during the summer, the second half took place in September-October in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Unfortunately, it was a league-wide COVID-19 outbreak in May, forcing the tournament to be suspended and completed in the UAE by the end of the year. Of the people who tested positive, one was Super Kings of Chennai‘(CSK) hitting coach Michael Hussey.

Michael Hussey spoke about his Covid-19 experience during IPL 2021 | Photo credit: IANS

Michael Hussey felt uncomfortable flying to Covid-19 Hit India and after being affected Was isolated, worried and feeling progressively worse

Michael Hussey spoke about his ordeal with the disease and described his experience of sitting in a body bag to be transferred from Delhi to Chennai by air ambulance. The CSK coach also said he had doubts about his arrival in India from “the safest place in the world.”

In a column, Hussey wrote: “I felt uncomfortable when it was time to leave Perth earlier this year to train with the Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League. ‘Why am I leaving one of the safest places in the world?”

“But I love my job and I was committed to training at the IPL. So despite my nervousness, I flew to India and embarked on the mandatory seven-day quarantine, which was a prerequisite for entering the IPL bubble, ”he added.

Michael Hussey was recovering in Chennai after testing positive for Covid-19 (File Photo - TOI)
Michael Hussey was recovering in Chennai after testing positive for Covid-19 (File Photo – TOI)

Michael Hussey spoke about his experience after being one of the support staff members who tested positive for COVID-19 and his isolation at the time. He described how his symptoms continued to get progressively worse at first.

“They locked me in my room right away. No one could come in and I obviously couldn’t leave. Food was left outside my door like quarantined. I was isolated, a little worried and I was feeling worse and worse, ”Hussey said.

He further said: “My symptoms: I had a high fever to the point where I would change my shirt four or five times a night due to sweating. I had a harsh, relentless hacking cough. And he was really tired. I was trying to sit at my desk to work, but quickly felt the need to lie down. I would wake up from what felt like a quick nap to realize that about three hours had passed. “

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) hitting coach Michael Hussey believes that traveling from Mumbai to Delhi during the course of the first Indian leg of IPL 2021 exposed everyone involved to greater risk.

Michael Hussey and CSK bowling coach Laxmipathy Balaji, who were detected with COVID-19, were flown to Chennai from Delhi in an air ambulance.

Michael Hussey realized that he was probably in the worst place to get Covid-19

Michael Hussey claimed that the worsening COVID-19 situation in Delhi became a source of concern for doctors and led to his decision to be transferred to Chennai by air ambulance.

He wrote: “The team doctor was concerned. He realized that he was probably in the worst place in the world to get Covid at the time. Delhi was registering hundreds of thousands of new known cases a day, there were very few hospital beds and many, many more people lining up outside hospitals to need them. “

“If things got worse, the doctor was not sure he would be able to get the medical assistance he would need. They decided the best they could do was take me back to Chennai, the team’s home base, ”Hussey added.

File photos of Amit Mishra of Delhi Capitals (left) with SRH's Wriddhiman Saha.  Image Source: IPLT20.COM
File photos of Amit Mishra of Delhi Capitals (left) with SRH’s Wriddhiman Saha. Image Source: IPLT20.COM

Michael Hussey further described that he had to sit in a completely enclosed body to catch the flight to Chennai.

“All I could do was trust them. Once we got to the airport, I was taken directly to the plane on a stretcher inside the body bag. The air ambulance flight to Chennai lasted approximately three and a half hours. Then he returned to an ambulance and went straight to a quarantine hotel, ”said the CSK assistant coach.

Michael Hussey concluded by saying that he felt “lucky” after seeing the suffering of so many people across the country.

All that said, I was incredibly lucky. There were a lot of people in worse situations than me. I had an employer who did everything possible to take care of me in a time of crisis for the country. As difficult as it is to be sick and stranded, having people on the ground with your best interests at heart was very comforting, ”said the Australian.

Michael Hussey returned to Camp CSK for the UAE stage of IPL 2021 and oversaw the team’s fourth title win by defeating Kolkata Knight Riders in the final.

KKR spinner Varun Chakravarthy and pacemaker Sandeep warrier returned with positive results. Then, however, the governing bodies were forced to take the massive step when two more players: SRH’s Wriddhiman Saha and DC’s Amit Mishra were infected by the virus.

The virus had wreaked havoc in India at the time, claiming thousands of lives. Prasidh Krishna, who has been chosen as a reserve player for the England tour, became the fourth Kolkata Knight Riders player to test positive for Covid-19. Previously, Tim Seifert, the KKR goalie-hitter, was reported to have tested positive for Covid-19.

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