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Meri Brown Shares Cryptic Quotes Amid Rocky Kody’s Relationship

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Sending a message? Sister wives star Meri brown has been sharing cryptic quotes in the middle of their rocky marriage to the husband Kody brown.

“Just because I don’t stand up for myself doesn’t mean I’m weak,” 50-year-old Meri shared in her Instagram Stories on Monday, November 22. “It just means that I’m mature enough to know that anger won’t. solve anything “.

Her note on coming of age comes five days after she shared a message about being “too much” for people.

Meri Brown Shares Cryptic Quotes About Being Too 'Mature' To Fight In The Middle Of Rocky Kody's Relationship
Courtesy of Meri Brown / Instagram

“You will be ‘too much’ for some people. Too strong, too soft. Also this, also that, ”read the statement Mer posted on her Instagram Stories on November 17. “But you will always be perfect for the people who love you.”

Meri’s message comes after fans were shocked to learn that the third wife Christine Brown left Kody, 52, after more than 25 years of marriage. The couple, who they were only spiritually married and not legally bound, announced their separation in November.

Meri Brown shares a cryptic quote in the middle of Rocky Kody's relationship
Meri Brown / Instagram

The cracks in the marriage of Christine, 49, and Kody were shown during season 15 of Sister Wives. During the finale, the TLC star admitted that she could no longer “marry Kody.” Them share six children – Mykelti, Aspyn, Ysabel, Paedon, Gwendlyn and Truely.

Many viewers thought that Meri, who shares her daughter Mariah with Kody, would be the first sister wife to leave, as she and her husband have openly shared their marital struggles. A source revealed to In contact where Kody and Meri’s relationship is today after Christine’s departure.

“When he met Meri, he thought he loved Meri, but after marrying her, she showed him another side,” the source said in November. “She is very aggressive and has become very independent. Kody has not treated her well. ”

Meri is Kody’s first wife, and they were legally and spiritually married in April 1990. He then spiritually married his second wife. Janelle brown in January 1993 and Christine the following year in March 1994. In May 2010, Kody married his fourth wife Robyn Brown in a spiritual ceremony.

However, things got particularly tense between Meri and Kody when they legally divorced in 2014. Although they remained spiritually married, the 18-year-old father legally married Robyn to adopt their three children from a previous marriage.

The problems between Meri and Kody were exacerbated by the cyberspace of the California native in 2015 with a man she thought was named “Sam Cooper.” His online adventure turned out to be a catfish, and his true identity was a named woman Jackie Overton.

That said, Kody confessed that his problems ran much “deeper” than the catfish scandal during a 2020 episode.

“Cat fishing was really a wake-up call for Meri and me,” she admitted at the time. “Our problem ran much deeper than that and is probably why we concluded why cat fishing occurred.”

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