Mercedes-Benz reportedly wants to stop selling wagons


Mercedes-Benz reportedly wants to stop selling wagons. The premium automaker will make a decision on the exact timing, this body style will be dropped based on sales figures.

car week reports that Mercedes-Benz will ditch the E-Class T-Modell to be the last of the Mohicans. But it won’t survive beyond 2030. That’s after the premium automaker retired the CLS Shooting Brake with the CLA Shooting Brake to do the same, before 2025.

Once the wagons are extinct species, Mercedes will direct staff and financial resources towards the development of electromobility. The German manufacturer will need them to develop completely new platforms and technologies. Autonomous driving will eat up a lot of money, too. In this context, there is no place for estates.

Additionally, demand for SUVs has exploded in recent years. That body style comes with the benefits of better visibility, comfort, and safety. Integrating battery packs into your architecture is also easier to do.

Meanwhile, German rivals Mercedes-Benz have no plans to leave their wagons out of their lineup. In addition, Porsche has recently launched the Taycan Cross Tourismo, Audi is running the Audi RS 6 Avant and BMW is working on its first M3 Touring.

The wagons currently sold by Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz is currently selling the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate, the E-Class Estate, in addition to its All-Terrain siblings. All of them also feature performance-oriented AMG versions.

The latter come with the space that wagons can provide, but with ground clearance that only SUVs can offer. The CLA Shooting Brake is still part of the lineup, but its days are numbered.

The Germans mainly refer to this body style as “T-Modells” with the “T” standing for “touring” and “transportation”.

Following the demise of the wagons, sedans will live a long and happy life with mandatory electrification. Mercedes already offers mild-hybrid variants, plug-in hybrids and two electric sedans: the EQS and the EQE.


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