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Madison LeCroy got engaged to her boyfriend Brett! She shares how she set out, plus, will she show up?


Credit: John Valkos / Bravo, Insagram.com/MadisonLeCroy

Madison lecroy He is engaged!

Almost a year after the Southern charm The star gave up on her intermittent boyfriend and co-star, Austen kroll, Madison, 31, prepares to walk down the aisle with her boyfriend. board, 35.

Earlier today, Madison announced her engagement during a Amazon Live event, and during an interview, she talked about how Brett asked the question on Friday, after he took her and her 8-year-old son, Hudson, whom she shares with her ex-husband, to a birthday celebration on a walk. in limousine. .

“Honestly, I wasn’t expecting it that day”, said Madison to PEOPLE. “We traveled a lot this summer and I thought it was going to happen then.”

Southern Charm star Madison Lecroy poses with fiance Brett and son Hudson

She continued: “The next thing you know, we come home and I think it’s just a birthday dinner, and my son is here bouncing around and I turn around and my fiancé is on his knees and he proposed to me in my lifetime. bedroom. It was so intimate. I’ve been crying like crazy with joy. [I’m] very excited. “

Madison adds that Brett sat in the ring for a couple of months and didn’t propose until he asked his father and son for their hand. “When he asked my son if he could propose to her, my son said, ‘Yes, as long as I’m part of the proposal.’ It was very sweet. Hudson says, ‘My mom, I know you would love a limo. So we’re going to get her a limo and take her to dinner for her belated birthday, ‘”shared Madison.

What Southern charm Fans will remember, Madison first revealed she had a new boyfriend in April after being blamed for the ending of Alex Rodriguez other Jennifer LopezThe engagement after claims that she was involved with him … claims that she mostly denied. Then two months later, she and Brett enraged their official Instagram romance.

A short time later, during an interview with Us Weekly, Madison revealed how she and Brett met.

“Just over two months ago I was visiting Scottsdale, Arizona with a group of friends for a bachelorette party. He was there for a friend’s birthday party, ”Madison told the magazine in June. “I didn’t know him at the moment, but he walked into this bar and we immediately looked at each other from across the room. It was like instant. And I mean you can’t really miss him. … It’s absolutely awesome. “

After Brett, who lives in California, proceeded to visit her in Charleston to take her on an official date, Madison said she “fell in love instantly.”

“This is definitely the most adult relationship I have ever been in and it comes with a level of respect for both parties and he is actually a man. He’s 35, so yeah, he has his shit and he’s very respectful, ”she gushed.

Just a few weeks ago, during another chat with Us Weekly, Madison confirmed that the former Austen has yet to meet her new boyfriend.

“She has never met my boyfriend and I don’t think that will go well,” she suspected.

According to TMZ, Madison and Brett’s relationship will be featured for the eighth season of Southern charm.



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