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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

M4 G82 Akrapovic Evolution Line exhaust system

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We had the rare opportunity to be the first in Australia to show the local market the new titanium exhaust system from Akrapovic’s Evolution line for an M4 without OPF.

Upon opening the boxes, it was clear that Akrapovic had once again produced an amazing product. We had the Evolution link tube set, the Slip on Titanium rear section, and those gorgeous carbon tips. We also have the Akrapovic diffuser and the Akrapovic sound kit for flap control.

Installation was straightforward and the product was of a high standard as we expected. Personally, I really like the design of the exhaust tips, they really complement the rear of the car.

We were happy with the tone of the exhaust as we drove and expect it to change after a few kilometers have been put on the car, as the exhausts on previous generation cars have. The car is new, as is the exhaust, so I will be eager to know what it will look like in the near future.
Hope you like the videos.

A special thanks to Scuderia Autoart, Akrapovic’s Australian dealer for their continued support.

Installation video

Sound test

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