Live news: Center says regrets killings of civilians, Nagaland under control


An Indian army soldier stands guard on a road outside Kohima, capital of the northeastern state of Nagaland, India, on Sunday in December. 5, 2021. Angry villagers burned army vehicles in protest after more than a dozen people were killed by soldiers w

Latest Live News: Interior Minister Amit Shah told Parliament on Monday his the government regrets the death of 14 civilians in an Indian army counterinsurgency operation in on Saturday. A special investigation team is investigating the failed operation and will give its report in a month, he said.

“The situation is tense but it is under control,” Shah said in a statement as the opposition shouted slogans and left the Rajya Sabha.

Mumbai reported two cases of Monday to bring Maharashtra’s tally to 10, the health department said. A 37-year-old man from South Africa and his 36-year-old returned friend to the United States were found to be infected, the ANI news agency said.


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