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Lisa Rinna jokes about Harry Hamlin’s “gay lover” and “Trish” lover after facing rumors

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Lisa rinna responded to rumors of deception and abuse directed at her husband, the actor Harry hamlin, on his Instagram story Wednesday night.

In the middle of the first part of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills At the season 11 reunion, Lisa reacted to a fan page, which shared a clip of her saying that Harry had made a batch of his famous sauce before going to Canada and wondered why the cheating rumors were never mentioned. in the program.

“How come the rumors of Harry Hamlin’s cheating at his home in Muskoka, Canada are never mentioned?” the Bravoaholics asked in Instagram.

“He’s too busy living with his gay lover in the Valley while cheating in Canada with Trish,” Lisa replied.

Rhobh Lisa Rinna Reacts To Harry Hamlin Cheating Rumors

What RHOBH As fans will recall, a rumor linking Harry to a woman named Patricia appeared on Twitter in September of last year. At the time, a woman said her girlfriend “fucked Harry Hamlin in Muskoka for a whole summer in 2018” and mentioned “her affair with Patricia.”

But, who never missed an opportunity to slap back, Lisa spoke quickly.

“Yes, and I saw that it was very hot,” he replied. Patricia, well she’s kind of [a] depressing. I. [didn’t] like her so much “.

In the middle of the buzz Southern charm star Patricia altschul She was asked to take part in the action after a fan suggested that she might be the Patricia in question.

“Yes it was me !!” Patricia joked.

In another post on her Instagram story, Lisa responded to another rumor, which accused her husband of being a hitter and a hater of women.

“Read recently, he allegedly beats his women, and also suspects that he hates homosexuals / women,” one person had written.

“Oh damn, he’s very busy,” Lisa replied.

Rhobh Lisa Rinna Says Husband Harry Hamlin Is Busy Amid Rumors Of Abuse

Also in September 2020, Lisa reacted to a rumor suggesting that Harry doesn’t actually live at his Beverly Hills home.

“People say that Harry doesn’t live here and that he only shows up for recordings. So I’m going to say right now here: ‘He lives here. He really lives here, ‘”Lisa confirmed during an invisible moment from the RHOBH Season 10 reunion shared by Bravo Insider. “Twitter doesn’t think I live here. He is here. He lives here. So it’s good. “

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills The season 11 reunion, part two, airs next Wednesday, October 20 at 8 / 7c on Bravo.



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