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Lisa Barlow Shares New Details About Catering Drama, Addresses Alleged Vendor Text As Whitney Beats Her

Credit: Heidi Gutman / Bravo

Lisa barlow is sharing new details about the catering drama from Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City On Instagram.

nach Angie harrington suspected that Lisa had retaliated against her friendship with Whitney rose and had her caterer cancel plans to host her Encircle fundraising event, which was held in support of the LQBTQ + community, Lisa took to her social media pages to confirm what fans didn’t. they watched the episode.

“He forgot a key part. She had catering. !!!! “Wrote Lisa.” I would never cancel a catering service nor is it something anyone can do. [Marco Niccoli] other [Aubrey Niccoli] they are amazing people. They were unable to attend casino night, but he made sure HIS BROTHER completed while they concentrated on their new restaurant. The food was incredible. Marcos BROTHER did an absolutely amazing job !!! “

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Lisa went on to discuss the situation on Twitter, where she specifically mentioned the alleged text message Angie received, which according to Angie had Lisa’s name.

“I don’t think they did. It didn’t look like Angie was reading a text message. It seemed like he was making it up on the fly, ”wrote one fan.

“Because it was”, Lisa answered.

rhoslc lisa barlow claims angie harrington song about text

“If you’re going to read a text message aloud, make sure you don’t improvise”, Lisa additional.

rhoslc lisa barlow has receipts for the supposed text of angie harrington

Lisa then said that when it came to the timeline Angie and Whitney found out they were related, that happened during the first season. And, according to a leaked text message, Angie wasn’t thrilled with the partnership at the time.

“Wow … wasn’t the family connection discovered while watching season 1?” Lisa order.

rhoslc lisa barlow says whitney and angie found out they were cousins ​​during rhoslc season 1

“Someone explain to me the importance of the quote hahaha, I’m so confused,” wrote another fan in the comment section of the photo.

“It was when the show was on the air”, Lisa explained. “He said they were related when they showed up not a year before. They did not know each other. “

rhoslc lisa barlow explains cousin timeline of leaked text

Meanwhile, on Whitney’s Twitter page, she agreed with a fan who pointed out that Lisa had previously claimed that she doesn’t educate people on who they can be friends with.

“Wait … Lisa is not happy that Angie is friends with Whitney. But didn’t you say earlier in the season that you don’t tell people who to be friends with? I’m confused, ”the fan wrote.

“1000%”, Whitney answered.

Whitney also addressed, via a retweet, the moment when Lisa suggested that she allow her and Angie to have a private conversation about the catering drama, even though she grabbed Meredith marks other Jen shah for backup.

“Hello lisa. Whitney may be in the room because that’s her family. There was no reason to go find Meredith and Jen, “the retweet said.

rhoslc whitney rose reminds lisa barlow that she and angie harrington are family

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City the second season airs Sundays at 9 / 8c on Bravo.



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