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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Linda Reynolds’ Plan Shows “Ridiculous” Understanding of NDIS

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Reynolds’ claims that NDIS is outpacing costs and that it is not intended to be a lifetime “wellness” plan runs counter to the facts.

NDIS Minister Linda Reynolds (Image: AAP / Lukas Coch)

The Minister of the National Disability Insurance Plan, Linda Reynolds, calls on states and territories to increase their contribution to the plan, arguing that the program is outpacing costs and was never intended to function as a “lifetime wellness plan. “.

But experts say there are several problems with Reynolds’ claim. First of all, NDIS is not wellness and has never worked as such. Second, there is limited data to explain the “cost explosion” that the Coalition has complained about in recent months.

Where is the evidence?

NSW Council on Physical Disability Executive Director Serena Ovens said Crikey States are likely to object to being told to pay more, especially based on limited evidence. The scheme began with a 50-50 financial split between the Commonwealth and state and territory governments combined, although state and property taxes were later limited to an annual increase of 4%.

What do the experts say about the role of the NDIS? Keep reading.

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