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Lil Kim’s Boo steps in to defend her against 50 Cent

50 Cent has done it again! The rapper, businessman and television producer appeared to upset another person on social media with another of his Instagram jokes.

“Sorry, I know it’s early, but I don’t know why shit like this is funny to me. LOL ”wrote 50.

While fans may have thought the joke was funny, Lil Kim didn’t seem to agree. The post revealed a side-by-side meme of Lil Kim and a leprechaun walking backwards in the same way.

Once the “Lighters Up” rapper found out about the 50s post, she commented accusing the rapper of being obsessed with her and her body parts.

“[You’re] So obsessed with me it’s getting creepy [Yawn]. This is not bro, not funny at all, I was hoping to laugh [with you] but cheesy boo. [You] falling, I am very bad and I also fly in this video [you] coming in now, but we all know why. Can we say much obsessed with Kimmie, ”he began. “Lmbo keeps coming boo boo it just lets me know that I’m in your brain 24/7. Love it! Dmme next time, I’ll send you exclusives because you got mad late. This meme came out months ago so you looked it up, you probably did. Bored.”

“# GET OFF MY P * SSY CURTIS. PS: why do I feel like I’m in a lesbian fight? I didn’t know I had a girlfriend named Curtis, awwwwwwwww, somebody crazy, we’re going to get over these girls, “said rapper Bedsty before publishing her next book.

Shortly after the video was removed, 50 Cent reposted the video with the caption that read, “All I said was I thought this was funny,” followed by the shrug emoji.

Lil Kim’s boo, Mr. Papers also didn’t think the Power executive’s joke was funny and decided to continue with a meme from 50 Cent himself. “The old man lost all that weight for nothing,” he affirmed with the popcorn and the crying emoji.

“Now this shit is funny man,” he declared under a clip from 50 Cent’s performance scene.

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