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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Latest vote split GE2021 CON voters – Politicalbetting.com

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Considering how voting polls have changed in recent weeks, I thought it would be worth looking at what those who voted for BJ’s party in the last election now think.

The graph is based on the last poll from Opinium and displays the current voting intentions of GE2019 CON voters.

Only 7% have moved to LAB, but the other most important segment is “I don’t know.” By contrast, 73% of 2019 LAB voters say they will stay with their party, 13% say they don’t know, and only 2% go CON.

As always, I have chosen Opinium as my data source simply because it presents survey breakdowns better than any other pollster. Some do not even register a figure so as not to know.

Mike smithson

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