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Lala Kent feels “cheated” by former Randall for the infidelity scandal

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Vanderpump Rules' Lala Kent Will Lala kent He is reportedly firm in his decision to stop doing this with Randall Emmett.

According to a new report, the Vanderpump Rules star that parting with the director and producer last month after supposed photos Of him spending time with a couple of other women at a Nashville hotel began to spin online, he was “shocked” by what happened, but has no plans to give Randall another chance.

“Lala was completely shocked by what happened to Randall. The rug was pulled out from under her completely and everyone around her was completely shocked, “revealed a source to Hollywood life on November 19. “She thought he loved her. She will never go back to him. She is over for good and never argue about it again. It is a wrap. “

Although the time Rules of the pump cast member never expected to have her relationship with Randall end, the source went on to say that she “will come out on top” before pointing out that she is “a great mom“Who is putting their” baby first “while adjusting to her new single life.

“She is going through the grieving process, but she will be fine. She is so strong, ”shared the source. “Lala never needed Randall or his money and she cheated on her. She’s just trying to put one foot in front of the other right now. “

A second source told the outlet that those around Lala are “completely shocked by this news” as they believed Lala and Randall, who canceled his April Wedding 2020 Due to the coronavirus pandemic, they were “the perfect couple.”

“They are completely inseparable and their relationship has been through so much that it would be really sad if things ended forever,” the source shared.

“Randall chased Lala from the beginning and I would always go to SUR when she was working to try to see her whenever she could. Lala wasn’t interested in dating anyone exclusively at the time, but he was so sweet and caring, and he finally won her over, ”the source continued. “They are such an adorable couple and they seemed so in love, so I hope they can figure this out at some point.”

While Lala and Randall eventually they rescheduled their wedding sometime in 2022, they finally canceled those plans when Lala moved out of your home in Bel Air and in a new apartment amid rumors suggesting he may have been unfaithful.

Vanderpump Rules season nine airs Tuesdays at 9 / 8c on Bravo.

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