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Kit Harrington revealed that ‘parenting’ is the hardest scenario in real life

Kit Harrington opens up about parents’ lives

GOT star Kit Harrington reveals the benefits of being a father. In the most recent interviews he was seen revealing the most “exhausting.”

Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie tied the knot in 2018 and welcomed their baby in February. Compare parenting to his GOT action sequences. He feels that parenting is far more challenging than any Game Of Thrones sequence.

Harrington also felt “jaded” when people started giving useless advice. And his experience as a parent made him applaud all single parents. Although it feels difficult, he admits the fact without being shy.

The toughest workout routine in the world

The little boy seems to give his dad a hard job GOT. Harrington admitted that his “back is shattered.” He even goes to the gym very rarely because he feels that caring for the child is more ‘exhausting’.

Instagram / Game of Thrones

Harrington compared his little one to a new roommate who doesn’t know the house rules. But eventually it succeeds. Even though he doesn’t follow the rules, he cannot be expelled, and this is Harrington’s definition of parenting.

How her marriage and baby changed her life

Harrington’s life before meeting his wife Rose Leslie was traumatic. He was literally drinking the entire time, which he admitted. He also went to rehab shortly after Game Of Thrones was completed.

Kit Harrington on Game of Thrones
Instagram / Game of Thrones

She later welcomed her son in February, which made her decide on a responsible life. Now he is “a very happy, contented and sober man.”

With Rose filming a movie in New York, Kit is now officially raising her 6-month-old baby. He is happy to know more about the baby.

Whatever it is, parenting will last forever, feel the star of GOT.



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