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Judge orders Trump deposed for assaulting protesters at rally

A judge ordered Trump to appear for a statement about the case in which his security guards beat protesters at a 2015 rally.

Business Insider reported:

A New York judge ordered former President Donald Trump to sit down for a videotaped deposition Monday as part of a civil case brought by protesters who say they were assaulted by Trump security guards at a rally in September 2015.

On October 4, State Supreme Court Justice Doris González ordered Trump to sit down for a deposition, which is scheduled for October 18 at 10 a.m. at the Trump Tower in Manhattan. Trump’s lawyers agreed on the date in a stipulation, court records show.

Trump has a long history of encouraging violence against protesters at his rallies.

The encouragement of violence continued during his years as president. Trump is being followed by legal problems wherever he goes. His business is losing money and it looks like he needs a political comeback just to stay afloat.

The attack on Capitol Hill that Trump incited was not an isolated incident. It was the culmination of a long history of threats of violence against political opponents.

Finally, his banditry is going to have to start facing his day in court.



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